The Big Draw

Saturday 5 October 2013


Feeling creative? The nation-wide Big Draw event will give you the chance to excerice your creativity though a wide range of arts and crafts. Join local artists Helen Peyton and Hannah Chesterman for this fun-filled workshop. Draw, sponge, print, paint and design whatever you like.

Hannah Chesterman says the Big Draw will give us chance to look to our past and future through art:

"Since time began humans have sought to describe their environment through drawing. From the cave paintings of yesterday to the ipad drawings of today we have made use of the tools around us to make comment about our contemporary surroundings.

"In this Big Draw workshop we will tackle the subject of tomorrow as we question how museum exhibits could be improved and asks what museums might collect in 100 years time.

"Using Black and White as our palette we will explore a variety of tools including sticks, sponges, fingers, brushes, pens and pencils to create a museum artefact for the future. This exciting and energetic workshop is fun for all the family and no previous drawing experience is required."

The Big Draw also gives you chance to sample the creative activities that will be provided by Skipton's Granary Arts workshops, which will be held throughout the autumn. Contact us for more details.

 Inspiring Sketchbook