Arts Council Grant Awarded

Museum: Indispensable

We have recently received a £90,000 grant from the Arts Council England from their Museum Resilience fund. The grant will fund a two year project centred on making Craven Museum & Gallery a more sustainable, adaptable and indispensable resource. The project is therefore entitled Museum: Indispensable.

A large part of the money will go towards funding a project officer who will work throughout the district over the next two years to make sure that the museum offers a better service to the population of Craven. Firstly, the post will forge stronger links with internal and external partners to broaden the use of the museum as a local authority service. We will also work with charities and organisations throughout the region – such as Pioneer Projects, SELFA, Skipton Library and the Muslim Museum Initiative – to investigate how local communities can get more involved with  the Museum’s collections.

In addition the project will also look towards making a greener museum through funding staff training about how to make museums more environmentally friendly and less wasteful. Finally the project will share all its achievements with other museums throughout the region to strengthen the sector and help it function more collaboratively.