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Despite the museum’s 85-year history, some of the 50,000 objects have never been displayed to the public. We will reopen with selection of beautiful, interesting and curious objects that have never been shown before. Unseen will therefore give you the first peek at our hidden collection. See if you can spot our Unseen items within our permanent collections.

Research for the project began over a year ago, when our team had the opportunity to look through every object in the collection to select those special items that have so far not been seen by the outside world.

Expect a wide array of items; some collected from the Craven District, some from the far reaches of the globe. Some millions of years old, some contemporary. Some recognisable, some completely alien. You’ll be surprised about the range of objects that have made their way to this rural district of North Yorkshire.

Objects on show will include Roman jewellery, dinosaur fossils, Victorian clothes and more recent items charting Craven’s recent history. What ties all these collections together? They are all Unseen.

Get involved

We want you to send us a picture of any hidden treasures or surprises you’ve found in your home. If you have anything you think might interest us, email museum@cravendc.gov.uk or tweet us @CravenMuseum. Submissions will be displayed on our twitter page and also in the exhibition.

Unseen exhibition Craven Museum & Gallery
Unseen exhibition Craven Museum & Gallery