Special display: The Darwin Project

3 February – 22 December 2010

Three artists have been commissioned by Craven Museum & Gallery to work alongside the fossil collection as part of the Darwin 200 celebrations in a project funded by the Arts Council. The three artists – textile artist Joan Newall, sculptor and printmaker Tony Stephenson, and printmaker Helen Peyton – each made a piece of work relating to the collection.

The artists also held workshops in Settle, Bentham and Skipton. Work from the workshop participants is displayed alongside the professional pieces, and includes mono prints of fossils and children, books with covers of ‘poor man’s pewter’, and three dimensional ammonites.

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Drawings and models made at the workshops
Book made at the workshops Helen Peyton's piece 'There's life in the old fossils yet' Joan Newall's piece 'World Without End' Tony Stephenson's work 'Ammonite'