Smart Gallery (Social Museum and Art Gallery)

3 February 2014 – 26 May 2014

The SMART Gallery will run from February to May 2014 and will give visitors the chance to get involved as much as possible with the project.

Funded by the Arts Council, the exhibition invites the general public to loan personal objects to the museum for display. Starting as an empty space, the exhibition will build up with objects throughout its duration, and those who bring in objects can provide information as to why the item is significant to them. The objects could be anything, and there are no restrictions on what is deemed valuable or influential. The idea is to create space where the significance of objects displayed is based purely on people’s attachments or the stories behind the objects donated.

In addition, objects will be posted on the gallery’s social media websites and our artist in residence, Helen Peyton, will be creating pieces of art with visitors and community groups, inspired by the objects. By the end of the exhibition the gallery space will be transformed into a showroom for items and personal memories given by the public and artwork inspired by these donations. Watch this space!

You can see the objects donated to the SMART Gallery and find out more about the exhibition by visiting the website.

For more information about art in Yorkshire and more exciting exhibitions, visit the Art in Yorkshire website.

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