ReCollection by Roo Waterhouse with Automata by Lisa Slater

21 January – 6 May 2013

Through linking heritage with contemporary art, the ReCollection exhibition takes visitors on a journey through 20th century play, encouraging reminiscence and stimulating debate on childhood themes. The exhibition comprises of paintings inspired by museum toy collections, by contemporary artist Roo Waterhouse, exhibited alongside playtime memories and toys from the artist's own collection.

The exhibition also features hand-made automata (self operated robots) predominantly made from natural materials. Designed by Lisa Slater, the automata come in various forms, such as horses, unicorns, hens or dolls heads. They can all be operated by turning their handles, making them spin, gallop, graze or peck.

You can find out more information by visiting Roo Waterhouse's website and Lisa Slater's website.

ReCollection by Roo Waterhouse
ReCollection by Roo Waterhouse Automata from ReCollection by Lisa Slater