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In the museum foyer until 24 September 2011

Marionette puppets by Lenka Pavlickova

The exhibition shows a number of finished stringed puppets (marionettes) and six hand carved glove puppets. Also on show are the technical drawings Lenka has made, and the rough blocks of wood in early stages of carving. A number of photographs of a wider range of puppets, taken by Vanessa Southern, are also on display.

Lenka was born in the Czech Republic, but now lives and works in England. Her hand carved marionettes are so well known, and she is so respected as their skilful creator, that she has been featured in magazines and newspapers around the world. Lenka has also been interviewed for CNN and the BBC, and starred in a guest appearance on Disney’s 70th anniversary edition DVD of Pinocchio.

The puppets are only on display until 24 September as they will then be included in the Skipton International Puppet Festival. This event is now one of the biggest puppet festivals in Britain and this year will feature performers from Germany, France, Hungary, Finland and the UK. There are ticketed and free performances during the weekend 23 – 25 September, and the festival features both family friendly and adult puppet shows.

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Clown puppet on display at the museum
Angel puppet on display at the museum Chef puppet on display at the museum Lenka's puppet named 'Decay' Lenka's puppet named 'Tinker'