About archaeology

Archaeology is very significant to Craven. Excavations have been taking place in the district for over a hundred years and they still continue today. Through these ongoing explorations of the landscape a fuller understanding of the people in Craven’s past has been uncovered.

Craven Museum & Gallery was founded in the early 1900s with an assortment of archaeology objects from local collectors. The collection has grown with contributions from amateur and professional excavations, as well as individual donations and purchases. Highlights of the museum’s varied archaeology collection can be found in the online catalogue.

In more recent years there has been a huge upsurge in public interest for archaeology, both locally and nationally. With the help of television programmes like ‘Time Team’ and the 1996 Treasure Act more people are becoming aware of the archaeology in their area, and are contributing to our knowledge of the past by becoming involved in community archaeology work.

If you have found something…

If you have found an object you believe to be archaeology and would like it identifying, please contact the museum

Under the 1996 Treasure Act all finders of gold and silver objects, and groups of coins from the same findspot, which are over 300 years old, have a legal obligation to report such items. Now prehistoric base-metal assemblages found after 1st January 2003 also qualify as Treasure.

Find out more about the Treasure Act and how to get in touch with a Finds Liaison Officer.

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